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MIRIQA® Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement (3 Box Bundle)

MIRIQA® Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement (3 Box Bundle)

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Sun Protection. Skin Lightening. Keep It Glowing.

Made from tomatoes with colourless carotenoids, olives, and l-cysteine, all the super antioxidants to protect your skin against UV damage from the sun, lighten and prevent pigmentation and keep your skin youthful and glowing.

Invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you for a long time.

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  • Keep It Glowing

Consistency and compliance are keys to good skin health with nutraceuticals. Your skin requires daily care to shield and protect from harmful UV rays. It takes time for skin tone to even out and pigmentation to lighten. Most of our customers see visible improvement in 3 to 6 months of supplementation with MIRIQA® Skin; and continue with long term consumption to enjoy continuous protection and reap benefits of MIRIQA® Skin.

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Your MIRIQA® Skin Glow Journey

Clinically-proven ingredients to give you healthy, radiant skin*

*We are all unique individuals and improvement/ results will not look the same for all. This is a reference to what you can expect when you embark on your MIRIQA® journey with us.




Users share about their personal journey with MIRIQA®

Phyllis Quek

Sheena Phua

Roanna Tan

Ysabel Tao

Elaine Heng

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Improved Skin Tone, Radiance

Face looks brighter and my skin is more supple compared to a few years back.

Noelle, 40's

Lightened Acne Scars, Supple Skin

It’s very obvious from the photos that MIRIQA® Skin works really well to lighten my overall skin tone!

SL, 40's

Improved Skin Tone, Radiance

They really lightened a lot with MIRIQA® Skin. This is a great product!

Peter, 70's

Lightened Acne Scars, Supple Skin

My skin tone has improved and my skin feels softer and more supple.

Elaine Heng

GG, 40s

It is virtually impossible to apply topical sunscreen all over, thank goodness there's Miriqa!

I have always known pigmentation and dark spots are hard to treat, even with laser sessions which takes several rounds and are expensive. Hence, I have always believed in prevention. I take Miriqa Skin daily as an addition to my topical sunscreen because it is virtually impossible to apply sunblock all over my body especially in humid Singapore. I love how my skin feels, even on my arms and legs.

Mel W, 50s

I get compliments on my skin, even for my back and shoulders!

I took Miriqa Skin for more than a year, and it really worked for me. I then switched to another (cheaper) brand, and immediately, my makeup artist and beautician noticed that my skin wasn't as fair and radiant as before. That was when I truly realised how good the product was and quickly switched back. I am now a faithful user of Miriqa Skin for more than 2 years. I get compliments all the time about how good my skin is, even on my back and shoulders!

We Know How Important It Is To Care For Your Skin

So you can put your best face forward.


days of head to toe sun protection; and building resistance to damage from UV rays.

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of subjects observed skin brightening, evenness of skin tone and a healthy glow to their complexion.

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That's the % of people who saw remarkable improvement in skin suppleness and overall skin texture.

Improve skin health, naturally. 100% drug free ingredients, clinically proven to reduce uneven pigmentation, reduce skin flare ups, brighten overall skin tone