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MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength Professional Nutrition Supplement (Clinic-Exclusive)

MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength Professional Nutrition Supplement (Clinic-Exclusive)

Strengthen. Multiply. Shine. And Keep It Growing.

Power-packed with all the clinically proven nutraceuticals to deliver growth, in extra doses – Tocotrienol, Tripeptide Collagen, Saw Palmetto Berries, Keratin Forte, Biotin.

And loaded with TWO ADDITIONAL star ingredients; KSM-66 Winter Cherry and Curcumin Bio-max – extensively researched for reduction in cortisol levels, to build greater resistance to stress-induced hair fall, and to promote better, healthier hair growth.

Supercharge your hair growth.

  • MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength is exclusively available in leading aesthetic clinics and spas.
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Achieve Fuller, Stronger Hair with MIRIQA®'s Hair Extra Strength

MIRIQA®'s Hair Extra Strength, a clinic-exclusive hair supplement, uses ingredients backed by clinical research to promote stress-free hair growth. Here are four compelling reasons why this clinic-exclusive hair supplement should be your go-to solution.

  • Clinic-Exclusive Formula

    Following the success of the multi-award-winning hair growth supplement, MIRIQA® Hair, MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength, a clinic-exclusive hair supplement formula, was developed to cater to patients dealing with stress-induced hair loss. It is also suitable for use in conjunction with other treatments offered in the clinic.

  • Drug-Free

    MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength is a drug-free product, making it suitable for everyone and safe for long-term or continuous use to achieve sustained results. It is also safe to use alongside medicines or other topical applications that have been prescribed for hair loss to further drive hair growth.

  • Science-Based

    MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength is developed with a meticulous understanding of hair biology, leveraging a synergistic blend of Tocotrienol, Tripeptide Collagen, Saw Palmetto Berries, Keratin Forte, Biotin. This thoughtful formulation ensures that every ingredient works harmoniously to reduce hair fall, promote thicker, healthier hair. Saw Palmetto Berries are included to counteract DHT and hair thinning. It also has the addition of 2 star ingredients - KSM-66 Winter Cherry and Curcumin Bio-Max to tackle cortisol levels and target stress-induced hair loss, which is one of the most common causes of hair loss among patients.

  • Visible Results

    Over time, with consistent use, customers typically see reduction in hair fall, and stronger thicker hair growth. The supplement revitalises hair follicles, delivering visible results that speak for themselves.

MIRIQA®'s natural approach is clinically proven to support your hair growth.

Addressing hair issues at its roots.

  • What Happens

    Stress causes hair follicles to shift from Anagen (Growth) stage to Telogen (Rest) stage. It also disrupts hormonal balance and absorption of nutrients, impacting hair health on multiple fronts.​

  • How We Tackle

    KSM-66 Winter Cherry reduces cortisol levels and helps build resistance against stress, which will help enhance hair growth.​

  • What Happens

    DHT is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that can shrink hair follicles; which result in thinner hair shafts.

  • How We Tackle

    Saw Palmetto Berries inhibit DHT that cause miniaturisation of hair follicles and Curcumin Bio-Max works synergistically with Saw Palmetto to arrest DHT formation.​

  • What Happens

    The nutrients that we consume from our daily diet helps to nourish hair follicles to provide nutrients for healthy hair shafts. Deficiency of the right nourishment results in weak hair shafts and follicles. It also results in weak nails and brittle hair.​

  • How We Tackle

    Tripeptide Collagen, Tocotrienol and Curcumin Bio-Max activate hair specific stem cells to move them from resting to growing phase.​

  • What Happens

    As we age, the scalp loses collagen and elastin, these act as scaffolds to hold hair follicles and hair shafts. As the structure weakens, hair becomes shorter, weaker and less pigmented.​

  • How We Tackle

    Keratin Forte and Biotin form structural building blocks for healthy hair and nails.​

The Ingredients

  • Volunteers saw a 34.5% increase in mean numbers of hair, after 8 months of supplementation. While the mean number of hairs remained or declined for those in the placebo group, volunteers on Tocotrienol saw a significant increase in hair counts especially from month 4 to 8.
  • 40% of subjects showed hair increases of more than 50%.

  • Saw Palmetto Berries are believed to inhibit Type 2, 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts Testosterone to DHT which is destructive for hair follicles.
  • Saw Palmetto Berries block the conversion of Testosterone into DHT. DHT attaches to, and triggers receptors to miniaturize hair follicles, which eventually results in thinner hair shafts.
  • A good alternative for individuals in whom 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors cannot be used. Unlike 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, Saw Palmetto Berries is also safe for women with hair loss issues.

  • Just like the skin on your face, the scalp also loses collagen as you age, resulting in slower hair growth and dormant hair follicles.
  • When collagen production slows down (around age 30), the strength of your hair follicles can be affected. Collagen makes up more than 70% of the dermis at the hair roots. Collagen is alike the scaffolds required for a strong and healthy scalp. Reduced collagen levels over time leads to diminished hair growth and thinning hair.
  • The unique Tripeptide Collagen has a low molecular weight which makes it very easy to absorb into the body, as compared to other collagen products with much larger molecules that make absorption difficult.
  • Clinical studies have shown increase in thickness of hair shafts in volunteers after consuming Tripeptide Collagen.

Biotin is an essential micronutrient, also known as Vitamin B7, a vitamin that is needed for beautiful hair and skin.

  • These are the structural building blocks that make up the foundation of healthy hair so we’ll need plenty of this.
  • Keratin is one of a family of fibrous structural proteins known as scleroproteins.
  • Keratin is the key structural material for making up hair and nails.
  • Keratin also protects epithelial cells from damage or stress.
  • Ingestible Keratin has been shown to reduce hair loss, increase hair strength and increase hair brightness.

  • Super antioxidant
  • Rejuvenate hair follicles
  • Works synergistically with Saw Palmetto Berries to arrest DHT formation
  • Superior bioavailability (more than 700% compared to other curcumin formulation)(1)
(1)Pascale FB, Mathieu T, Sabrina Le BB, Alexis M, Corinne M, Angelina D, Hélène C, Julie L, Richard B. Pharmacokinetics of a single dose of turmeric curcuminoids depends on formulation: Results of a human crossover study. The J of Nutri. 2021: 1802-1816

  • World’s best Winter Cherry with the most extensive research and studies done.
  • Reduces cortisol level and helps build resistance to stress, a major contributor to inhibited hair growth.

Struggling with hair issues? MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength is the clinic-exclusive hair supplement designed to help you achieve healthier, fuller hair growth.

  • You are genetically predisposed to premature inhibited hair growth.

  • You are suffering from little hair growth due to stress.

  • You are more prone to brittle hair and weak nails.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time frame for noticeable results can vary, but most users experience significant changes within 3 to 6 months. Some people may start seeing healthier, thicker hair sooner due to the supplement’s potent, science-based ingredients. Consistent daily use is crucial to maintaining progress and achieving long-term benefits.

While this clinic-exclusive hair supplement is suitable for most adults, it’s not recommended for children under 18 or pregnant and breastfeeding women without medical advice. The 100% natural composition ensures safety for diverse health profiles. For those with existing conditions or concerns, a healthcare provider should be consulted before starting any new supplement.

Key ingredients in this clinic-exclusive hair supplement include Tocotrienol, which increases hair count, and Saw Palmetto Berries, which inhibit DHT to prevent follicle miniaturisation. Tripeptide Collagen supports scalp health, while Biotin strengthens hair and nails. Keratin Forte reduces hair loss and improves hair shine, Curcumin Bio-Max acts as an antioxidant and inhibits DHT, and KSM-66 Winter Cherry reduces stress to support growth. Together, these ingredients nurture hair from within, promoting thicker and healthier hair growth.

As a drug-free formula, this clinic-exclusive hair supplement is generally safe to use with other medications. However, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare provider if you have specific health concerns or are on prescribed medications. This ensures there are no adverse interactions and that your health goals align with supplement use.

Yes, your hair can continue to grow, but it depends on several factors. The ingredients in this clinic-exclusive hair supplement need consistent intake to maintain optimal results. If lifestyle factors such as diet and stress, which can impact hair health, are not addressed, your body may still require the support provided by the hair supplement. For unavoidable factors like genetics and ageing, continuous support might be necessary. If you feel your hair loss has stabilised and you're satisfied with the results, you can reduce it to one capsule a day as a maintenance dose.

No, our clinic-exclusive hair supplement does not cause hair growth in unwanted areas. The supplement is designed to target hair follicles on the scalp specifically, promoting the growth of terminal hair (the thicker, pigmented hair) rather than vellus hair (the fine, light hair found elsewhere on the body). This ensures that the effects are concentrated where they are needed most, on the scalp, to improve hair health and density without stimulating unwanted hair growth in other areas.

For optimal results, take two capsules daily with meals, allowing for proper nutrient absorption. Consistent, long-term use enables the natural ingredients to work effectively in restoring hair vitality and strength. Making MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength hair supplement a daily habit is crucial for seeing visible changes in hair health and growth.