Miracles Worth Sharing


Join Jasmine and Esther as they share their stories of distress, anguish, and ultimately finding hope through Miriqa.

Hear from Roy on how his dad and him tried various treatments to overcome genetic hair loss. A user for more than 3 years, Roy is a testament to how Miriqa can help your hair growth journey become a successful one.

Hair loss from the perspective of women and men! Hear from Hui Hui & Andy, both users of Miriqa for more than two years, on how they both previously struggled with hair loss concerns and the vast improvements they each saw after taking Miriqa.

Leslie Kwok, Entrepreneur and former Olympic Swimmer, shares his advice with fellow men who would like to maintain their crowning glory after 40.

Hear from Sharon Au’s authentic sharing about hair loss concerns and how it affected her mentally and physically till she found visible, good results with Miriqa Hair.

A regular on the stage and hair loss is a concern for you? Hear from Janet who serves as a worship pastor on how she used to fret over a growing bald patch and how she has now regained her sense of confidence with Miriqa.

Hair loss affects men and women from all walks of life. Hear from 4 Miriqa®users on how they regained their crowning glory, and confidence.


Roanna's sharing on how MIRIQA SKIN helps her to achieve clear, brighter skin with lesser acne outbreak.

Here's how Elaine (@mselaineheng) and Sheena (@Sheenaphua) take care of their skin from the inside out and protect it from head to toes against the harmful effects of UV rays.

It's pretty impossible to put sunblock all over the body! Hear from Ysabel on how she enjoys outdoor activities such as walking and how Miriqa® Skin helps to protect her skin again UV rays.

Daily Vanity lets two real users try Miriqa Skin and here's their honest feedback.

Dr Hoe Ying Min, an aesthetic physician shares how her skin tends to turn red and burn easily under the sun and how Miriqa Skin has helped her enjoy added protection from the sun.