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MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum 100ml

MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum 100ml

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Healthy scalp. Rejuvenated hair follicles. Stronger hair strands.

Improve the health and vitality of your hair with MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum. Our all-natural formula, made with potent ingredients such as Tocopheryl, Keratin, and Biotin, nourishes your hair from the roots to the tips. Suitable for both men and women, this serum is scientifically formulated and made in Japan.

Boost Your Hair Health.

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Directions for use

1. Lift hair in sections to spray directly onto the scalp, evenly covering the head. Hair may be damp or dry.

2. Once thoroughly applied, gently massage scalp and hair with fingertips.

3. Apply once or twice daily.

What Customers Say

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noticed improvements in the condition of scalp or hair after 1 month.

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Elevate your hair care with MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum.

This potent hair growth serum offers holistic hair and scalp treatment, promoting scalp health and thicker, healthier hair. Transform your hair today!

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I can see that my hair is getting slightly thicker, more baby hairs.

Hui Qi, 40s

Bald spot has reduced a little

P, 30s

Less hair drop and scalp is not as dry

Janet, 40s

Cooling effect and not sticky.

Carol, 20s

Unlock Your Hair’s Full Potential with MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum

Powerhouse Ingredients for Hair Growth

MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum is crafted with nourishing ingredients, making it an effective solution to rejuvenate and promote a healthier scalp. This hair growth serum revitalises your hair follicles from the roots, encouraging healthier and stronger hair growth.

Perfect for Tropical Climates

Designed to be non-greasy and fast-absorbing with a cooling sensation, MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum is an ideal hair treatment for daily use. It nourishes the scalp and rejuvenates the hair follicles.

Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum is made with 100% drug-free, natural ingredients, and offers versatility for use on both wet and dry scalp. Regular and consistent use can help reduce shedding and hair thinning and support the regrowth of thicker, fuller hair.

Holistic Hair Care Solutions

Using MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum together with the MIRIQA® Hair Growth Supplements can promote holistic hair health. This combination supports growth from the inside while providing an effective hair and scalp treatment from the outside. As a topical serum for hair growth, it enhances overall hair health, leading to more robust and vibrant hair growth.

Trusted by Experts and Consumers Alike

MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum and MIRIQA® Hair Growth Supplements are trusted by hair care professionals and satisfied customers worldwide. Its proven results and multi-award-winning formulation make it a top choice for maintaining healthy hair and combating hair loss.

Elevate your hair care with MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum.

This potent hair growth serum offers holistic hair and scalp treatment, promoting scalp health and thicker, healthier hair. Transform your hair today!

Frequently Asked Questions

With consistent use, this hair growth serum can show noticeable improvements in hair thickness and density within 30 to 90 days. As an effective hair loss treatment, it supports healthier, fuller hair for those experiencing hair thinning. However, results may vary according to individuals. For best results, it is recommended to take the MIRIQA® Hair Growth Supplements along with the hair serum.

No, our hair serum is formulated to provide direct scalp support, enhancing scalp health and promoting visibly thicker hair. It complements MIRIQA® Hair Growth Supplements, which address the root causes of thinning hair from within. For optimal results, we recommend using both this hair and scalp treatment and the supplements together to maximise your benefits.

Most of the hair serums are focused on the hair ends and hair strands, and work to prevent dryness and help moisturise the hair strands.

The MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum is focused on cultivating a healthy scalp and designed to refresh and reinvigorate the scalp, promoting better circulation and nourishment so that stronger and more luscious hair can grow. For optimal results, pair MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum with MIRIQA® Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement for complete nourishment to ensure healthy, shiny and beautiful hair.

Minoxidil is a topical treatment commonly used for treatment of hair loss.  Its texture tends to be thicker and full absorption may take 2-4 hours.  It is known to cause itchiness or irritation to the scalp for some users. There are also instances where hair texture may change after using Minoxidil.  

MIRIQA® Keep It Healthy Hair Serum is 100% drug-free, using natural ingredients.  It is also light-weight and non-greasy, making absorption into the scalp easier, with no known side effects.  It is made with ingredients that are proven to promote hair growth and improve scalp health while reducing hair fall.  Its refreshing texture makes it ideal for daily use.

Typically, one bottle of this hair serum lasts about 1 to 3 months, depending on usage. If you apply the hair serum to your entire scalp, it will last about one month. When used only on specific areas of concern, the bottle generally lasts around three months. 

Our hair serum is made with clean, safe ingredients, and generally considered safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, we recommend consulting with your physician before starting any new hair treatment regimen.

Apply the hair serum once or twice a day directly to a clean scalp for optimal scalp health. This hair and scalp treatment can be used on both dry hair and damp, towel-dried hair after a shower. 

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The Perfect Pair With MIRIQA® Hair

Get better results when you pair your hair serum routine with MIRIQA® Hair supplements.

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