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MIRIQA® Hair is an oral dietary supplement specifically formulated to improve hair health for both men and women suffering from lacklustre hair. It is 100% drug-free as its hair-nourishing botanical ingredients have being clinically proven to reduce hair loss, increase hair growth, improve hair strength and improve hair shine. With just 2 capsules a day, you will be on your way to an exciting journey of restoring a thicker, fuller and shinier crown of hair.

Hair loss is associated with a deficiency in vitamins such as riboflavin, biotin, folate, and vitamin B12. To avoid deficiency, a clinically tested hair supplement like MIRIQA® Hair can help. It offers some of the mentioned hair-strengthening nutrients and more.

MIRIQA® Hair ingredients include the proprietary Tocotrienol botanical complex, plus a blend of vital nutrients – including Saw Palmetto Berries, Keratin Forte, Tripeptide Collagen and Biotin – that improves hair health by nourishing thinning hair and promotes existing hair growth from within. It is 100% drug-free and contains ingredients of natural origins.


Tocotrienol is a bio-enhanced natural full spectrum Vitamin E complex. It improves absorption of Vitamin E into the body by more than 250% compared to other Vitamin E products.

Tocotrienol’s potent antioxidant properties help repair damaged hair follicles, reduce free radical damage of the scalp and stimulate hair regeneration.

These desirable properties ultimately keep the hair follicles healthy and create a conducive environment for hair growth. Tocotrienol also promotes blood circulation to the hair follicles and doubles as a deep moisturiser, thus preventing breakage and brittle hair. It also contains other wholesome phytosterols, squalene and mixed carotenoids, thus offering a plethora of a natural and wholesome phyto-nutrient complex assisting in hair growth and improving general wellness.

Saw Palmetto Berries

Saw Palmetto Berries help to block 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Excessive DHT in the body will contribute to hair thinning by shrinking hair follicles on the scalp.

Saw Palmetto Berries block the conversion of Testosterone into DHT. DHT attaches to, and triggers receptors to miniaturize hair follicles, which eventually results in thinner hair shafts. The earlier the treatment for hair loss begins, the better the outcome. A good alternative for individuals in whom 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors cannot be used, Saw Palmetto Berries is also safe for women with hair loss issues.

Tripeptide Collagen

Just like the skin on your face, the scalp also loses collagen as you age, resulting in slower hair growth and dormant hair follicles. Collagen makes up more than 70% of the dermis at your scalp.

Most collagen molecules are too big for the body to absorb. However, tripeptide collagen has a much lower molecular weight, making absorption easy. The result is the delivery of high-quality building blocks to form the strong foundation for hair growth. Clinical studies have shown increase in thickness of hair shafts after consuming Tripeptide Collagen.


An important ingredient for healthy hair growth and maintenance. Biotin helps the body metabolise the amino acids that are the building blocks of keratin and at the same time, strengthening the keratin structure.

Keratin Forte

Keratin is the structural building block that makes up the hair, skin, and nails. Extensive clinical studies have shown that Keratin Forte effectively reduces hair loss, intensifies hair strength and improves hair brightness.

The main difference is in the selection of quality ingredients that are backed with clinical evidence. We developed individual partnerships with top suppliers from all over the world that specialize in unique ingredients with proven efficacy. The ingredients we have chosen to use are of premium and superior quality as our motto is quality over cost, no compromise. The products that we produce are for our own consumption and benefits as well, so we would only want the best and to share that with you too.

We recommend consuming MIRIQA® Hair over a 6-month period to see positive results. However, some users may notice a difference in as little as 3 to 4 months. Remember, your hair is the crown that you never take off. So being consistent with MIRIQA® Hair will definitely help you achieve the desired outcome of your hair growth strategy.

MIRIQA® Hair is suitable for both men and women over the age of 18.

MIRIQA® Hair may not be suitable for children under 18; those who are allergic to any of the active ingredients; or women who may be pregnant or breastfeeding. Please consult your doctor if you fall into any of these categories.

It is best to take action while your hair follicles are still active and still producing hair. Once the hair follicles close, it is much harder to have regrowth in that area. However, MIRIQA® Hair has helped users of all ages with different degrees of hair loss. Results may not be immediate, but some users may notice hair growth and less hair loss in as quickly as 3 to 4 months, and we recommend consuming MIRIQA® Hair consistently for at least 6 months to look forward to positive results.

It depends. Once you stop MIRIQA® Hair, your regular hair loss patterns may or may not resume, depending on the reasons underlying your original hair loss; be it genetics or pregnancy, etc. If the causes of your hair loss were temporary such as psychological stress or temporary dietary/hormonal/environmental imbalance, the hair regrowth helped by MIRIQA® Hair will not be affected if the cause is long gone or now managed. However, if the underlying causes of your hair loss are ongoing, then discontinuing MIRIQA® Hair may eventually result in a slow return to your regular hair growth pattern before MIRIQA® Hair.

No. MIRIQA® Hair is made with vegetable cellulose capsules. It does not contain soy, eggs, dairy, gluten, milk, peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, artificial flavours or colours.

Saw Palmetto Berries, one of the key botanical ingredients in MIRIQA® Hair, has been shown to reduce DHT activity by inhibiting 5 ARI, helping to promote hair growth on the scalp and not quite elsewhere.

HSA/FDA regulates prescription and over-the-counter drugs, not supplements. MIRIQA® Hair is a natural supplement that is 100% drug-free and encapsulated in Singapore in a GMP facility to ensure safety and product quality.

We recommend taking TWO capsules of MIRIQA® Hair with meals. It can be taken anytime you desire, day or night. We recommend that you follow a regular routine in eating it; e.g. if you take it in the morning on the first day, try to follow the same routine in the following days.

MIRIQA® Hair is a 100% drug-free supplement that contains ingredients sourced from nature. It has not been shown to have any side effects in those who are not allergic to any of the active ingredients. As with many other supplements or even pharmaceutical drugs, currently there is no data for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have any known intolerances or allergies, kindly consult your healthcare provider prior to taking it.

The ingredients used in MIRIQA® Hair are all backed with strong clinical evidence. Besides hair growth, other positive effects of MIRIQA® Hair will include better skin (more moisturized and enhanced skin elasticity), stronger nails, amongst other health benefits. In regards to hair specifically, you should notice a reduction in hair loss, increased hair strength (more resilience to mechanical stress like brushing), increased hair brightness and shine.

Majority of these studies were conducted over several months; hence it is important for you to be consistent in taking MIRIQA® Hair in order to see marked improvements in your hair health.

MIRIQA® Hair being 100% drug-free, is generally safe to consume. However, if in doubt, please consult your doctor first before taking any health supplement.

No. MIRIQA® Hair is 100% drug-free.

Biotin is a type of vitamin B that stimulates keratin production in hair. This in turn can help increase the growth rate of follicles, leading to more luscious hair. Biotin cannot be stored in the body and has to be consumed daily for it to be effective. For a supplement that contains biotin that supports hair loss, consider MIRIQA® Hair.


MIRIQA® Skin supplement is a natural food supplement made from a special breed of 100% natural non-GMO tomatoes with colourless carotenoids, olive fruits and L-Cysteine.

MIRIQA®’s brilliant concoction helps to:

  • Calm and soothe irritated skin
  • Repair damaged and blemished skin caused by environmental aggression such as sun exposure
  • Overall skin brightening and evenness of skin tone.

There are many carotenoids and most of the ones available to us through our daily diets are mainly coloured. The more commonly known ones are Beta Carotene which are orange coloured, with a high presence in carrots, papayas; and Lycopene which are bright red coloured, with a high presence in common tomatoes.

Consuming coloured carotenoids in large amounts would tend to colour the skin – with an orange, yellow or tan tone. On the other hand, the carotenoids used in MIRIQA®’s white tomato are colourless. Hence, it does not colour the skin, but help to brighten and whiten skin tone.

Our olive extract is one of the most potent natural antioxidant available. Hydroxytyrosol is the main antioxidant found in olives. It delivers a multitude of benefits:

  • Powerful free radical capturing agent (scavenger) & super antioxidant – 10 times more than Vitamin C!
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Support the production of fair melanin
  • Help lighten dark melanin already formed

L-Cysteine enhances the inhibitory melanin production effect of Hydroxytyrosol. It works synergistically with the non-GMO white tomato extract and olive extract to:

  • Lighten pigmentation
  • Diminish intensity of dark spots
  • Brighten skin tone

As with all supplements, individual responses would vary.

Recommended intake is just one MIRIQA® capsule a day, though there is no harm in taking more. In view that the skin is a large organ and the benefits are delivered head to toe, it would generally take around 2-3 months for most people to witness visible radiance and lightening effect on their skin. However, some individuals also experienced visible improvements in just a few weeks.

As MIRIQA® is made of natural tomatoes, olives and L-cysteine (amino acids present in our body); there are no known side effects, unless one is allergic to any of these ingredients.

Having your daily dose of MIRIQA® is like eating the freshest picks of tomatoes and olives. It can be taken anytime you desire, day or night, before or after food.

We recommend that you follow a regular routine in eating it; e.g. if you take it in the morning on the first day, try to follow the same routine in the following days.

MIRIQA® can help to reduce the damaging effects of UV radiation. It provides sun protection but it is not sufficient to completely protect against direct sun exposure. Hence, it is necessary to continue the use of a topical sunblock.

Sunlight, florescent lamp and even mobile devices all emit UV light. Exposure to UV light triggers melanin in skin, damages the dermis, and causes photo aging, leading to wrinkles and sagginess. As we age, the metabolism begins to slow down and directly affect ability to protect our skin from sun damage. This results in slower skin cell repair and renewal causing more dark spots to emerge. MIRIQA® impairs the signals that trigger melanin formation, this effectively targets melanin production from deep within skin, and helps prevent spots from forming on the skin surface.

In order to best protect the skin against sun damage, MIRIQA® is best consumed 30 mins before sun exposure.

It is generally safe to consume MIRIQA® at any stage in your life as it is made of natural ingredients. However, it is best to seek the advice of your healthcare professional before consumption.