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I definitely felt my hair got thicker and stronger and I am so glad to see the very visible results on fuller scalp coverage.

David, early 40s

I was extremely conscientious with the progress of my hair growth journey and took pics every two weeks. They say a picture paints a thousand words and in my case, the greater scalp coverage speaks of a miraculous product!

T, 30s

I had been very bothered by hair loss for many years and tried so many things from hair treatments to tonics but nothing worked. I am genuinely so grateful for Miriqa because my hair is so much thicker now, and even my hairstylist of 20 years says the improvement is remarkable.

Ben, 40s

I have always had thick hair but for the past year I noticed my hair seemed to be getting thinner and not only did the gaps between my hairline widen, my hair also fell out in small patches. I was so impressed and amazed by the excellent results from Miriqa. The patches on my scalp filled up significantly and my hair looks healthier and fuller. I also noticed lesser hair fall during showers.

Jess, 40s

Been using this product for more than 6 months. I find my hair thicker and darker in colour. Less hair fall, especially obvious on my bathroom floor. I get hardly any hair fall after styling my hair in the mornings. Amazing a natural product could be so effective.

Tim, late 30s

My job requires me to be on stage pretty often and I have been distressed over my hair loss for many years. I have been on Miriqa for many months now and I am so glad to see the scalp coverage getting better every month.

Jan, 40s

My hair looked so much thicker on top after taking Miriqa!

Eric, 40s

It’s been easy for me to integrate Miriqa into my daily beauty ritual.

Chris, 50s

My hair loss was affecting my confidence for the past 5 years as the scalp became very noticeable with the hair loss. Miriqa has been a miracle for me. Even my hairstylist of 20 years says she takes a much longer time to cut my hair now which has grown much thicker!

HH, 40s

I'm 61 this year and for many years I've accepted that hair loss is part of aging. Frankly, when | was first introduced to Miriqa Hair, I was quite skeptical about the results. After taking for 4 months it's really obvious that my hair have grown on those previously bald areas on my scalp and the hair is also thicker. Very happy with the results.

Michael, 60s

For woman in late 40’s – “I have been on Miriqa skin for a year and it has indeed been my daily dose of miracle! Face looks brighter and skin is more supple compared to a few years back. I don’t get dark easily too as it works as an oral sunblock. Youth can definitely be renewed, but you need to be diligent and make it happen"

Noelle, 40’s

For woman in early 40’s – “I made sure to take the before/after photos at the same spot in my house at the same timing. And it’s very obvious from the photos that Miriqa Skin works really well to lighten my overall skin tone!"

SL, 40s

For the 70 year old man – “I have always had age spots since my younger days. They really lightened a lot with Miriqa Skin. This is a great product!”

Peter, 70’s

“This is how my skin looks like after I took Miriqa for a month plus. My pigmentation and blemishes have lightened. At the same time, my skin tone has improved and my skin feels softer and more supple.”

Elaine Heng

“It has been 03 months since I have started on my Miriqa journey. My acne scars have lightened. My skin feels more supple and does seem brighter. It also feels more healthy and radiant now as compared to before.”

Lucinda Zhou

Busy Bizzy

Fantastic product! After just consuming 2 weeks of Miriqa Hair Supplement, I started to notice significant lesser hair fall. Now into my 2nd box, my friends already remarked that my hair looks thicker! 


The very first thing I noticed is that my ponytail is much thicker than before! Definitely see fewer strands of hair in the bath tub, that’s a good sign that the product is working indeed! My nails became stronger too! 


Baby hairs started to grow after 2 weeks, can see a lot of “antenna” growing especially the crown area, eye lashes also growing thicker and longer. Overall hair is healthier and stronger. Very happy with this product! 


Its been more than 4 months now, at mid40s, i cannot be happier to see less hair on brush and more on my crown instead! Spent thousands at trichologists and not only did it require regular visits, my scalp was sensitive to the products, discouraging my visits. Consuming this was easy, fussfree. Loving it and replenishing my next round soon for maintenance! Highly recommend! 


I recently went through a surgery resulting in massive hair loss post procedure. I was introduced to Miriqa Hair when I saw increased density and shine on my friend’s crown. I started taking Miriqa and six weeks on, I noticed a significant reduction in hair loss during showers. After eight weeks, I also noticed the gaps between my hairlines closing up and an increase in volume. Am really excited and looking forward to further improvements, and I can’t live without Miriqa now!

Huey Huey

Hair loss has been my constant concerns all these years. Started Miriqa Hair nutrition supplement 2.5 months ago. Starting to see baby hair growing and lesser hair falling now. Will continue with this as it has formed an integral part of my daily self-care routine.  

Merlin Pro

Tried Miriqa Hair with 2 capsules daily, took a before shot of my hair and monitored for 3 weeks, could see on the 3rd week, the crown was getting thicker. On the 4th week, hair growth was very obvious, much thicker, no more hair thinning, no more patches and even blacker. This hair supplement definitely works! Have been taking ever since.


I have always had thick hair but in the past year, I noticed my hair getting thinner. Not only did the gaps between my hairline widen, my hair also fell out in small patches. I started taking Miriqa and was very impressed and amazed by the excellent results after two weeks of consuming the supplement. The hairline and patches on my scalp have closed up significantly and my hair looks healthier and fuller. I also noticed lesser hair fall during shower. Thank you, to the Miriqa team for coming out with such a great and effective hair supplement. It is really a life saver and I can’t wait to see further “miracle” results for my hair. I will definitely highly recommend it to my friends.


Been using this product for about 2½ months. I find my hair thicker and darker in colour, especially against the sunlight. Less hair fall, especially obvious on my bathroom floor. I get hardly any hair fall after styling my hair in mornings. Amazing a natural product can be so effective.


I tried Miriqa skin as it was recommended by a friend. Being the skeptic that I am, I wasn’t sure how these “magical” supplements would help, but I was surprised to find my skin improving after 4 weeks of taking the supplements (I take it once daily before I go to bed) – pores became smaller, I had less breakouts and my skin was a lot more hydrated. The biggest complement I received was when I went for a facial. The beautician commented that my skin was hydrated and plump (with collagen) with no sign of droopiness, she couldn’t believe that I was 40 years old. “Most 40 year olds don’t have skin like this”. I was beaming from ear to ear.


This product is a miracle! I received compliments so quickly after starting it from friends who said my skin glowed!


My identical twin sister has always been the fairer one. I took Miriqa Skin before she did, and for the first time in our lives, I get complimented that I am the fairer one! My skin looks so healthy and radiant now, my sister is going to try Miriqa Skin too!


I have been seeing improvements in my skin after starting Miriqa. I really see my skin has lightened up!


Eczema scars always bothered me, especially because the eczema always come and go. I could really see such a great improvement in the eczema scars which lightened and even the skin on my arms showed a really nice sheen after taking Miriqa.


Miriqa Skin really works to protect the skin against the sun rays. I usually take 1 a day. Last weekend, I took 2 as I would be out on a hike and my skin tans very easily (and I wanted to give it more protection). I hiked for more than 3 hours under the hot sun together with my friend (who did not take Miriqa Skin). She had a bad sunburn – her facial lady asked her what happened and why is her face so dark. On the other hand, me and my sensitive skin were completely fine. I don’t think I even turned a shade darker. Miriqa’s oral sunscreen effect definitely works!

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