When Your Skin Needs An Extra Boost, Perhaps Skincare Supplements Are The Way To Go by Elle Singapore

“It’s as they say, you are what you eat.

While your skin, arguably, is what you apply on, sometimes it does need an extra somethin’ somethin’ — skin supplements. Recently thriving in the wellness scene, these edibles are touted as the do-all capsules that ensure your skin is getting the necessary nutrients that it needs.

What’s important, however, is to go for a trusted brand of skin supplements that has been clinically-proven to not only deliver results, but is also safe on the skin and body. Enter the Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement, developed by professionals with 50 years combined pharmaceutical experience. It’s also won the Best All-In-One Skincare Edibles award in the ELLE Singapore Beauty Awards 2021. Founders Winthrop Wong and Geraldine Lim formulated the supplements with results in mind — and it’s thanks to a potent combination of natural, botanical-derived skin-boosting ingredients.

Non-GMO tomatoes with colourless caretenoids reduce UV damage on skin by actively absorbing UV radiation, cutting back sun damage on the skin. It also blocks melanin-producing enzymes that in turn, reduce melanin production. As a proven ingredient that’s been used in skincare supplements for the past 10 years, it’s known for its brightening and strengthening effect on skin.

Olive extract, being the second of the trio of star actives in the formula, is included for its anti-inflammatory properties that calm and repair damaged skin. It also protects skin from environmental stressors and free radical damage. L-cysteine, a naturally-occurring amino acid found in skin, reduces melanin synthesis (read: lightens pigmentation!) and promotes radiant, clearer skin.

Studies have shown that there is improvement in overall skin texture and radiance after 30 days of continued consumption, and continuous improvement with significant enhancement of skin suppleness. One capsule a day is all that’s needed for a healthier, stronger mien.” Elle Singapore, When Your Skin Needs An Extra Boost, Perhaps Skincare Supplements Are The Way To Go

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