What Really Causes ‘Pandemic Hair Loss’ and a Supplement We Tried That Truly Helps With Hair Growth by Daily Vanity

“With 1.8 million Instagram posts and counting,

the #hairloss hashtag is one of the few things that has genuinely thrived in the past year. It’s a predicament that many people, particularly women, have agonised over in recent months, as their brushes and shower drains fill with tangles of hair.

This phenomenon is not all in our heads, though. It is yet another frustrating by-product of both immense stress and inflammation from the pandemic. Known as telogen effluvium in the medical world, this particular form of hair loss pushes more hairs into the shedding phase of the hair growth life cycle.

The good news is that you don’t have to resign to fate and hope that your hair will grow back fuller than ever, because Miriqa has developed their Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement to restore your crowning glory.

Developed with the finest natural ingredients, Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement mimics the condition of the scalp and hair follicles at its healthiest state to manage hair loss.

Formulated to improve hair health for both men and women, Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement is a 100% drug-free dietary supplement that harnesses the nourishing powers of botanicals and proteins. These ingredients are clinically proven to boost hair growth, thickness, strength, as well as reduce hair loss.

All you have to do is consume two capsules a day, so your hair and scalp serums can take a backseat while the Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement gets the job done, fuss-free.

Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement review: What did we really think about it?

To see if the product could live up to its claims, we got two members from the DV team to put the Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement through a rigorous three-month test and share their experiences and results with us.

Peony, 25


Three months after I gave birth, I started noticing signs of hair fall. Different hairstylists have told me that my hair seems to be thinning around the top of my head, which is why I try to comb my hair over to cover the thinning spots when I’m outdoors.

Within the first week, I experienced less hair breakage, which really took me by surprise. After three to four weeks, I saw shinier, more hydrated hair, so I was eager to continue the trial to see what it could do for my hair.

After two months, I noticed less hair fall in the shower after shampooing and as I was combing through my wet hair. My hair felt much softer and smoother too.

Now, my hair looks fuller at the crown. In fact, when I went for a haircut recently, my hairstylist said there seemed to be more baby hairs growing! My hair is more resilient to mechanical stress like brushing and combing as well, and it looks and feels stronger and healthier.

During the trial, the supplement did not upset my stomach too, and I liked that it is drug-free. With supplements, my greatest concern is the possible side effects, but I didn’t experience any of that.

The Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement seemed safe to consume, and it worked – slowly but surely!

Leslie, 32

I first noticed signs of hair loss about two years ago, which definitely affected my self-esteem and the way I style my hair. I tried to cover the visible portion of my scalp where possible too.

After just a month of consuming the Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement, I saw an increase in hair growth. Two months later, I woke up to fewer strands on my pillow (one to two strands), compared to before where I could spot 10 strands in the morning.

I experienced less breakage and an overall boost in hair health after two months too. Although my hair loss isn’t severe to begin with, I saw a visible improvement and my hair looks fuller at the crown now.

My hair looks shinier, and it’s much easier to style and manage. Plus, I noticed faster hair growth after taking the supplement. Even my damaged strands look healthier and less frizzy.

I liked how easy it was to consume, and the supplement didn’t upset my stomach at any point during the trial. Besides healthier hair growth, I also noticed that my nails became stronger, which was an unexpected benefit.” Daily Vanity, What Really Causes ‘Pandemic Hair Loss’ and a Supplement We Tried That Truly Helps With Hair Growth by Jade Yeo

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