Want thicker, luscious hair + brighter skin that glows from inside out? These are the supplements to take!

Sometimes, beauty concerns such as hair loss and skin pigmentation can be hard to treat with just topical products. The root causes of such issues are usually skin-deep, which means that you’ll need products that work from the inside out.


Miriqa®, an edible beauty brand that is made of 100% drug-free and clinically-proven nutraceuticals to improve your skin and hair health. Developed through extensive R&D by Winthrop Wong and Geraldine Lim of Wellchem Pharmaceuticals, a company with more than 50 years of medical experience, Miriqa supplements are a safe and effective way to address hair loss and skin pigmentation issues.


Raved by thousands as the holy grail of hair and skin supplements, Miriqa® was also voted the Best Supplement For Radiant Skin and Best Supplement For Hair Growth in GirlStyle Favourites 2022 – read on to find out why!


Miriqa® Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement – Best Supplement For Radiant Skin

Sun damage is notoriously difficult to reverse. Sunscreen adds a layer of protection, but real talk – how many of us are diligently applying it every day, and reapplying every two hours?


Here’s where Miriqa® Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement comes in useful. One of its main ingredients is non-GMO tomatoes with colourless carotenoids, which has been proven to be very effective at reducing UV damage. It also lowers your skin’s inflammatory response and stops melanin production, which means you’ll be less prone to sunburns and sensitised skin.


Another key ingredient in this supplement is olive extract, which also helps with reducing skin irritation thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it enhances your skin’s immunity, giving you better protection against environmental stressors such as sun exposure and pollution, as well as free-radical damage.


The final component in Miriqa® Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement is L-Cysteine, an amino acid found naturally in our bodies. It is used to produce Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that not only prevents melanin synthesis but also lightens existing pigmentation, contributing to a more even complexion over time.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, this supplement is added assurance that your skin will be well-protected from the sun. Studies have shown that Miriqa® Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement can improve skin texture and radiance after 30 days of consumption, and more than 95% of users reported a smoother and more even-toned complexion with continued usage over 80 days. All you have to do is just pop one pill a day, two hours before heading out to the sun. It’s been touted as an “oral sunscreen” by ardent fans, and we can see why – it really doesn’t get any more convenient than this!

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Miriqa® Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement – Best Supplement For Hair Growth

If you notice an increase in hair fall or feel that your hair is showing signs of thinning, it’s time to start on a hair vitamin. That way, you’ll be able to supplement any nutrients that you may be lacking in your diet and address your premature hair fall at its root cause.

A word of advice: hair loss is best treated when your hair follicles are still alive and active – it is always much easier and more effective to take preventive measures than it is to try and revive dead hair follicles that have stopped producing new hair!

Miriqa® Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement addresses hair loss by providing your body the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong hair while creating a nurturing environment for your hair follicles.

Besides keratin, biotin and tripeptide collagen – all essential building blocks for hair – the supplement is also enriched with Tocotrienol Botanical complex – a bio-enhanced full-spectrum Vitamin E complex that reduces oxidative stress on the scalp, resulting in lesser hair fall.

Not only that, but Miriqa is also formulated with Saw Palmetto Berries, a natural DHT blocker. Also known as Dihydrotestosterone, DHT is the main culprit that interferes with the hair growth cycle, causing thinner hair shafts and shrinking hair follicles.

Established amongst dermatologists, aesthetics doctors and celebrities as the “holy grail of hair supplements,” Miriqa is the way to go if you are aiming for a healthy head of hair. It is recommended that you take Miriqa Hair Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement over a 6-month period to see visible results, but some users have noticed a difference within 3 to 4 months.

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