Stay Beautiful During The Covid-19

Like everyone else, you are probably mired in anxiety and stress over the global crisis of the Covid-19 virus. With so many issues like health, safety, natural disasters, and the faltering global economy to contend with, who would blame you if you put your looks, and your skin and beauty regime on a back burner for now?

But we are here to tell you this: Yes, we live in troubled times, but taking care of yourself during the down cycle is an act of positivity. Making an effort to look your best during the worst of times is empowering, uplifting, optimistic, and encouraging, both for your own morale and for those around you. There’s nothing so depressing or discouraging than looking downtrodden and down at heel. So yes, let’s all unabashedly take care of our looks during this fallow time, so that we will emerge ready to face the world when this crisis is over (and yes, it will be over!), ready to put our best foot (and cheek) forward when the time comes.

A woman who looks good, feels good.

On our on-going quest for true beauty, we’ve come to realize that we want, and need, a modern beauty product that is meaningful, all-natural, and yet effective. Our earnest pursuit for this Holy Grail of beauty has led us to discover Miriqa®, a miraculous beauty product that will see you through these difficult times, enabling you to emerge more beautiful from the inside out.

Miriqa®, a Natural Beauty Miracle

What is Miriqa®? Miriqa® is a premium beauty supplement developed with the finest ingredients from nature. It is 100 percent natural, and safe to use. Each capsule is inspired by and captures all the wholesome goodness of nature. The finest of ingredients have been harvested from nature, with priority given to quality over cost, as a celebration of nature’s bounty and all its daily miracles. Because, the truth is, if we look around, lift our heads off our mobile devices, computers, and worries for just one moment, we will witness the miracles that surround us – in the wonderful gifts of nature.

Miriqa® harvests the very best of nature for your skin. It contains all the goodness in superfoods like nature’s gems in the form of white toma-toes, with its colourless carotenoids, and cultivated olives with super antioxidant properties gathered from beautiful fields that are untainted and unpolluted by city detritus. Miriqa® is a product that enables you to be endowed with natural beauty, radiance, strength, and resilience from inside out; and restore your skin to its pristine, pure beauty that we were all born with.

Miriqa® does this by providing excellent sun protection and skin whitening from within, helping you to restore beautiful, healthy, radiant, and a more youthful appearance.

It also protects skin against environmental damages, which we are faced with daily as our planet deteriorates.

Save Time, Save Face

This beauty supplement is easy and convenient to use. All you need to do is just take one capsule of Miriqa® a day. This one capsule is the dai-ly equivalent of eating the pick of the best and freshest of tomatoes and olives.

There is no tedious protocol attached to its uses as Miriqa® can be taken any time of the day or night, before or after food. However, we recom-mend that you take it at a regular time every day, making it into a routine, as habitual as it is beneficial.

More Effective Than You Think

Miriqa® is an efficient worker, with proven effectiveness in improving skin quality and texture. Studies show improvements in overall skin texture and radiance after 30 days of consumption and continuous improvement with up to 100 percent improvement of skin suppleness and overall skin texture, and more than 95 percent improvement in smoothening of skin and whitening of skin complexion over 80 days.

The subjects in self-evaluation studies have found an improvement especially in their skin whitening, radiance, evenness, hydration, smoothness, hydration, elasticity, and overall beauty. They found their skin more resistant to sun damage, more youthful and visibly healthier:

  • 100% increase in skin suppleness
  • 96% whitening of the skin
  • 90% decrease in skin roughness
  • 60% decrease in skin dryness

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