Look Good From The Inside Out by Her World Singapore

“Beauty supplements – those you consume for your skin, hair or nails – are more than just health supplements.

Co-founder of supplement brand Miriqa, Winthrop Wong, who is also a pharmacist and director of Wellchem Pharmaceuticals, says supplements can benefit your skincare routine. “The health of our skin and hair is a reflection of our diet, and inadequate intake of certain nutrients may affect our hair and skin.”

Sounds good – but isn’t your daily serum or moisturiser enough? Wong says this “dual approach” gives your skin “optimal benefits”: apply skincare on the surface and, from the inside, supplement skin with what your body lacks from your diet.

Some sceptics ask: Why can’t I take multivitamins instead? Theoretically, you could. But Wong says it depends on the type of antioxidants used, how well it gets absorbed, and if it has clinically proven results.

Take Miriqa Hair, it has tripeptide collagen, which has a molecular weight small enough to be easily absorbed by the body, while Miriqa Skin uses tomatoes with colourless carotenoids, which have been backed by clinical studies as potent antioxidants for your skin.

These six options feed your skin, hair and nails.

Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement, $138 for a box of 30 tablets, and Hair Nutrition Supplement, $125 for a box of 60 tablets
Miriqa Skin contains antioxidants from non-GMO tomatoes, olive extract and l-cysteine to brighten and protect skin, while reducing flare-ups. Miriqa Hair contains tripeptide collagen, tocotrienol, biotin, saw palmetto berries and keratin forte to improve hair health. At www.miriqa.com “ Her World Singapore, Look Good From The Inside Out by Vanessa Chia

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