It’s a Miriqa! Hair nutrition supplement Miriqa now a Belo exclusive

As featured in Manila Standard

Miriqa hair nutrition supplements are now exclusively available at Belo clinics.

Vivaro Health Sciences Inc. recently announced its premier partnership with the Belo Medical Group with hopes of giving more people better access to products that provide healthier, more radiant hair, and a much-needed confidence boost.

MIRIQA clinic in The Philippines

Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition is touted as a natural hair growth supplement that offers transformative effects on hair health. With its potent blend of carefully selected natural ingredients, it helps bring about stronger, more resilient hair that grows better over time.

One of its star ingredients is saw palmetto berry – a botanical powerhouse that plays a crucial role in maintaining hair thickness by inhibiting the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone associated with hair loss.

Tocotrienol acts as a potent antioxidant that activates hair stem cells. This dynamic compound safeguards hair health, promoting growth and combating oxidative stress.

Complementing these is tripeptide collagen for structural support in hair, enhancing strength and resilience, ultimately contributing to healthier and shinier strands.

Keratin forte, meanwhile, ensures that hair receives the foundational support necessary for strength, vibrancy, and resistance against damage.

Finally, Biotin, a form of Vitamin B7, fortifies hair against breakage, offering an additional layer of protection and promoting overall hair health.

Users of Miriqa have also sung their praises. Both men and women have seen notable benefits. “Miriqa has helped my hair grow so much thicker,” says Ben, a professional in his 40s.

MIRIQA Hair Before and After Picture

“It’s cliche, but hair is every man and woman’s crowning glory. A healthy head of hair has the power to make us feel more confident about ourselves. So it made the most sense for Vivaro to partner with a medical group that’s known as a world-class leader in surgical and non-surgical beauty solutions to exclusively offer Miriqa’s availability in the Philippine market. We have the same goal – to help bring out the best confidence in Filipinos,” said Ed Bayona, Vivaro Health Sciences General Manager.

Belo Exclusive

To experience the Miriqa Hair difference, visit any Belo Medical Clinic nationwide, or visit the Belo Medical Group Shop at inquiries or further information, please visit Vivaro Health Sciences website: