Hair Today, More Tomorrow by Augustman Singapore

“Has stress made hair loss issues worse?

Fret not. With the help of Dr Angeline Yong, director and general manager of Wellchem Pharmaceuticals, Winthrop Wong and Geraldine Lim have developed Miriqa, a supplement to control excessive hair loss.

The pills are fortified with ingredients such as keratin forte, tripeptide collagen and biotin to promote healthy hair growth. It also contains saw palmetto berry extract, which has antiandrogenic properties to block 5-alphas-reductase, an enzyme that’s responsible for triggering follicle shrinkage.

It will take several months to notice the supplement’s full potential. But we’re happy to report that we’ve seen the growth of stronger and shinier hair after every haircut since starting on them.” Augustman, Hair Today, More Tomorrow 

Read the full article in Augustman Singapore, Issue 164