Experiencing Hair Loss? This Hair Growth Supplement Could Be What You Need by The Singapore Women’s Weekly

“Formulated after two years of meticulous research and testing, it comprises 100 per cent drug-free nutraceutical ingredients that Miriqa says have been clinically proven to improve hair growth.

Key ingredients include saw palmetto berries, which help regulate dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels in the body to support hair growth, and tocotrienol, which is a Vitamin E complex with potent antioxidant benefits that repair damaged hair follicles, promotes blood circulation and also contains other nutrients to boost hair health.

Then there’s tripeptide collagen, biotin (made up of Vitamin B), and keratin forte to aid in building stronger hair follicles, help create a fuller head of hair, and add shine.

All you have to do is pop two capsules a day with your meals. Don’t expect a crowning glory overnight — according to Miriqa, its supplement has to be taken for over six months to see positive results, although some may see a difference in three to four months.

Typically, users may observe a greater reduction in hair loss within the first two months, with fuller scalp coverage and healthier strands by the fourth to sixth month. Some have even noticed stronger and healthier nails.” The Singapore Women’s Weekly, Experiencing Hair Loss? This Hair Growth Supplement Could Be What You Need

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