Did you know UV rays wreck your skin’s DNA? This and other skin problems you’ll face without sun protection

Let’s face it. The ozone layer is thinning as the years go by and it is truly getting warmer by the day. For many of us skincare junkies, we know the universal fact that we need to wear sun protection on our faces every day, but we tend to neglect the skin on the rest of our bodies most days.

Unfortunately, our skin is vulnerable to the damage UV rays can wreak, even on days when the sky looks incredibly dark and gloomy. Read on to find out what the sun can do to unprotected skin and discover our simple solution that shields your skin all day, every day.

UV exposure damages key components of your skin, leading to premature skin ageing

Ageing is a natural passage of time, but did you know that UV rays are the main extrinsic causes accounting for more than 80% of skin ageing?

That’s because sun exposure degrades collagen, an essential protein in your skin that’s central to the building blocks of healthy-looking skin (along with hyaluronic acid and elastin).

Its key function is to give skin strength and elasticity to look youthful but with less collagen in the body, your skin will age earlier with premature wrinkles and sagging.

It forces your skin to go into ‘fight’ mode regularly, to protect itself from further damage.

Credit: Leah Kelley / Pexels

UV exposure triggers and accelerates the body’s natural production of melanin, a pigment that absorbs radiation and acts as a natural shield for skin cells. This leads to the visible tanning effect and formation of dark spots.

On top of that, melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin, actually sit on the deeper layers of your skin, which means that by the time harmful UV rays reach these cells, they would have already damaged the skin layers above it.

In other words, when your skin tans, it’s actually your body trying to protect itself from further damage.

It wreaks havoc on you DNA, as unprotected UV exposure can cause cellular damage

Besides tanning your skin and weakening your skin barrier, UV exposure can also cause a lot of cellular damage, almost instantly.

DNA damage from sun exposure happens in a matter of seconds, which means that a quick stroll to your car on a hot afternoon might not be as harmless as you think if you do so without sun protection.

How so? Well, unprotected exposure to UV rays generate free radicals in your skin. In the simplest of terms, free radicals are unstable molecules that disrupt healthy cells, causing a chain reaction of cell damage.

In extreme cases, free radicals can alter your cell’s genetic material in a way that leads to cancer – skin cancer, to be exact.

Luckily, protection against the sun is relatively easy. Besides relying on your trusty sunscreen, here’s another way you can supplement your SPF game to keep your skin safe.

Introducing Miriqa Professional Nutrition Supplement – the oral sunscreen & beauty supplement everyone has been talking about

In addition to your regular sun-protecting steps, Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement serves as an added layer of defence against harmful UV rays.

Each capsule houses only clinically-proven, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that treat pigmentation issues and boost your body’s natural ability to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

There’s also clinical evidence that shows how effective it is at improving the skin’s resistance against UV damage and hyperpigmentation, so you’ll see a more even skin tone and a brighter complexion overall.

Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement even calms and soothes irritated skin, and it repairs damaged and blemished skin caused by the onslaught of environmental aggressors, such as sun exposure.

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