Beauty Skincare You Can Eat And Drink? What To Know And 10 Brands To Try by CNA Lifestyle

“Skincare supplements and collagen drinks have been around for a while,

but the edible beauty trend has only really taken off recently, with more and more brands jumping on the eat-your-skincare bandwagon, and consumers very ready to swallow the promises of glowing skin and lush locks brought on by imbibing supplements.

With the increasing obsession with wellness and health, and changes in lifestyle brought on by the pandemic, people are looking for new ways of helping their bodies (including their skin and hair) cope, and remain in optimum condition.

Interestingly, many of these beauty supplements are from skincare labels, rather than brands more traditionally known for vitamins.

Skincare and hair supplements, like health supplements, bring extra vitamins and minerals to the table, adding nutrients that may be missing from our diets.

They compress into tiny pills and easy-to-consume sachets various foods and ingredients that may be difficult for us to regularly add to our meals, with the aim of contributing to better health and improved looks, from the inside out.

The modern urbanite is cottoning on to the reality that a multi-pronged and holistic approach will help in bringing forth that million-dollar glow – this includes great skincare products, a regimented diet, facials and treatments, and beauty products you can eat.

Here are some beauty supplements to consider if you plan to eat your way to great skin and hair.


What it’s for: Hair growth and hair loss reduction.

With a drug-free formula to bring the glory back to your crowning head of hair, this local brand uses botanicals and proteins such as saw palmetto berries, tocotrienol, tripeptide collagen and biotin to boost hair growth, increase hair thickness, improve hair strength and reduce hair loss with two capsules a day. The brand also has skincare supplements for better and brighter skin.” CNA Lifestyle, Beauty Skincare You Can Eat And Drink? What To Know And 10 Brands To Try by Celine Tan

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