A Look At The Do-All Hair Growth Supplements That Promote Healthier, Stronger, And Shinier Hair by Elle Singapore

“Hair loss can creep up on you in the most inconspicuous of ways —

you’ll find yourself fishing more hair from your palms as you run your hands through your mane; there are suddenly more stray strands that you find yourself picking up; or perhaps you’ll start to see bald spots emerging.

It’s a condition that affects everyone at some point in their lives. There are many factors at play here, be it genetics, stress, hormones, nutrition and other environmental factors — and the implications of hair loss are not as straightforward as it seems. An unhealthy scalp, and hair, also results in hair thinning and lacklustre strands.

Now, believe what you may about hair supplements, but the creation behind the Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement is a labour of love — exactly why it’s won the Best Supplement for Hair Growth award in the ELLE Singapore Beauty Awards. Founders Winthrop Wong and Geraldine Lim, both with 50 years of combined pharmaceutical experience, formulated the do-all edibles after experiencing hair loss of their own. It’s the perfect cost- and time-effective option to for hair growth; in comparison to lengthy hair treatments and drastic hair transplant procedures.

In each capsule is a proprietary blend of drug-free nutraceutical powerhouse ingredients such as saw palmetto berries, tocotrienol, tripeptide collagen, biotin and keratin forte that are cherry-picked and clinically-proven to improve hair growth, strength and shine. Anchored by the tocotrienol botanical complex, a bio-enhanced full spectrum vitamin E complex naturally derived from palm fruits, the potent antioxidant helps to repair damaged hair follicles, reduce free radical damage on the scalp, and stimulate hair regeneration. In doing so, the complex promotes healthy blood circulation and strengthens strands, preventing breakage and ultimately cultivating a conducive environment for hair growth.

Two capsules a day supplement the scalp and hair with vital nutrients needed to cultivate a healthy hair growth environment, for thicker, shinier, fuller hair.” Elle Singapore, A Look At The Do-All Hair Growth Supplements That Promote Healthier, Stronger, And Shinier Hair

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