9 Ways To Save A Botched Haircut So You Don’t Have To Suffer In Embarrassment While It Grows Out

Perhaps you jumped at the chance of a special deal that turned out too good to be true. Or maybe you decided to take matters into your own hands, only for things to go horribly wrong after a couple of misjudged snips. However you got here with you botched haircut doesn’t matter – what’s most important right now is getting out of this hairy situation ASAP.

“It’s just hair,” some people might say, and it’s true that it’ll grow back. But why suffer with a dent to your self-esteem in the meantime? Here are 9 ways to save a bad haircut so you won’t have to ditch your dates and hide away from the rest of the world while it grows out. 

#1: Ask for a free touch-up haircut, but with a different hairdresser

How to save a bad haircut - go for a touch-up trim (Photo from PressLogic)

The last thing you might want to do after a bad haircut is go for another haircut, especially if you’re still recovering from the initial whirlwind of emotions. But with the right hairdresser who has the right skills and technique, a touch-up haircut can potentially save your look.

Some hairdressers might offer free touch-ups to unhappy customers as part of their service recovery, but the way we see it? If he couldn’t get things right the first time, there’s little chance that anything else he does will fix the problem. We would suggest requesting for a different hairdresser – preferably a more senior one – at the same salon, or forking out a bit of extra cash to go to a different establishment altogether.

#2: Use a hair straightener to create the illusion of length

How to save a bad haircut - use a straighter for illusion of length (Photo from PressLogic)


Hair looks shorter when it’s curly or wavy. If you’ve got your hair cut too short by accident, use a hair straightener to iron those tresses out and create the illusion of length. This works especially well for bangs, where a mere 1 or 2mm can make a world of difference.

#3: Wear stronger makeup to draw attention to your face instead

How to save a bad haircut - wear stronger makeup (Photo from PressLogic)

Make your features stand out and deflect attention away from your hair by wearing stronger makeup! With everyone busy admiring your perfectly winged eyeliner or cut crease eyeshadow, there’s a chance they might not even notice your accidental microbangs. With a more creative makeup look, you might even be able pass off your hairdo as something that’s “high fashion” style. Well, fingers crossed.

#4: Get professionally-done extensions made using real human hair

Hair extensions can look very natural, especially the kind that’s done using real human hair. If that has no ick-factor for you, then it’s a great long-lasting option to consider. When done well, no one should know where your real hair ends and your extensions begin, unless they were to examine and comb through your tresses ultra closely like how a monkey would when checking their comrades for lice.

A lot of your favourite celebrities and influencers actually have a head full of extensions, and that’s how they always look like they have healthy hair with good volume.

#5: Try clip-on bangs or a clip-on ponytail

How to save a bad haircut - clip-on bangs or ponytail (Photo from Lazada)

If semi-permanent hair extensions are too high-commitment for you, you can start small with clip-ons instead, which can be attached and removed as and when you like in a matter of seconds. Other than long “sheets” of hair, there are also clip-on bangs and clip-on ponytails to help you switch up your look – as well as those in curled styles and funky colours.

There are clip-on extensions made from human hair, but you can also opt for synthetic ones, which are much more affordable.

#6: Braid, bun, or tie your hair up to conceal unevenness

How to save a bad haircut - braid, tie, or bun hair to conceal unevenness (Photo from PressLogic)


One easy way to conceal a bad haircut while looking effortlessly chic is to braid, bun, or tie your hair up. Sure, your braid or ponytail may look shorter than usual, but at least any uneven edges or weird layering won’t be visible. And if you’re sweeping your hair up in a bun, no one will be able to tell the difference!

#7: Take hair supplements to help your hair grow out more quickly

Hair supplements aren’t just for those who are suffering from hair loss issues. Popping these pills daily can help provide the nutrients your hair requires to grow at a healthy rate, with improved strength, thickness, and texture too.

Check out our review on Miriqa® Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement, an aesthetic doctor-approved hair supplement.

#8: Experiment with hair tools and products to attempt a fresh new style

How to save a bad haircut - experiment with different styles (Photo from PressLogic)

Certain haircuts don’t look good as is, but can look supermodel-worthy with the right styling. Take this opportunity to experiment with different styling tools and products! For example, if you’re used to wearing your hair straight, try giving yourself some curls using hot tongs or a texturising spray. If you have a fringe, get a little adventurous with a different parting. You might just end up surprised by the results!

#9: Hide it with a cap or scarf

How to save a bad haircut - hide with cap or scarf (Photo from Pinkoi)

If all else fails, you can always hide the damage with a trusty cap, which will add a touch of street chic to your getup. Alternatively, try wrapping a silk scarf around your hair for dressier outfits that don’t go well with bucket hats or truckers.

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