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Our Story

We wrote our own Miriqa® stories.

And we are here to share them with you.
We formulated and created an effective, safe and natural way to take control of our hair health conveniently.
Winthrop Wong
Co-Founder, Director & Pharmacist

Is the director and pharmacist at Wellchem Pharmaceuticals which has been established since 1975. He lived and worked in Australia for 10 years and has since returned to Singapore and established a successful pharmaceutical business as a second-generation pharmacist.

He deals with all kinds of pharmaceutical products including surgical implants, biologics, respiratory products and vitamins. His expertise also includes surgical masks and gloves that are used in many major hospitals. He often trains different medical professionals including doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

Winthrop lives a hectic life and takes a practical approach to most challenges in life. As an individual, he is not overly concerned about his looks, but is aware of the increasing bald spot on the scalp. He has studied the many available options available to take care of the condition – from hair treatments at spas and salons, which requires a tremendous amount of time and commitment (a luxury he couldn’t afford); and hair transplant would be way too drastic (and expensive!) an option.

With his background in pharmaceutical science, Winthrop started looking for a solution in a supplement that is safe, effective and affordable. Together with his team, he spent more than 2 years researching and studying different ingredients and how they can help with hair loss; then carefully selecting only the most effective and clinically proven ingredients to create a unique and proprietary blend for Miriqa® Professional Hair Nutritional Supplement – a 100% drug free nutraceutical to help combat hair loss, improve hair growth, enhance hair strength and shine.

It is his desire to have Miriqa® Professional Hair Nutritional Supplement made more widely available so more men can have a practical, affordable and convenient way to restore their crowning glory.

Geraldine Lim

Co-Founder, General Manager

Is the General Manager of Wellchem Pharmaceuticals. She has spent over 20 years in the medical industry – spanning over neuropsychology, vaccines, respiratory products, ophthalmology and orthopedics. She also has vast experience in OTC products – such as cough and cold, probiotics, and health supplements and vitamins in general.

Mother to 2 adorable children, Geraldine juggles between her responsibilities at home and a demanding full-time career. She suffered significant hair loss after giving birth and has sought and tried all sorts of hair loss remedies available – expensive shampoos and topical applications, treatments at specialized hair treatments centers (when she can carve out the time!), as well as other oral supplements. The societal pressure to look good while excelling in all the roles that a modern woman takes on propelled her to start looking for a viable solution to deal with her hair loss issues.

It took over 2 years of intensive research and testing to find clinically proven ingredients; and then to formulate into a synergistic combination that can truly renew hair growth. It is Geraldine’s desire that Miriqa® Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement can be of real help to people who suffer from hair loss issues; and have their self-esteem and confidence affected because of it. What gives her greatest joy on a daily basis is when she receives stories of how customers have benefitted from consuming Miriqa® and how it has been a true miracle in helping them restore what they thought they lost – beauty, hair, confidence!

We got to the root of things and took control of our own hair growth by formulating and creating an effective, natural and convenient way to improve our hair health.

The first Miriqa® stories are our own. Let’s hear yours.

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