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We Review Miriqa’s Bright Days and Deep Sleep Supplements for a Month

If there’s something that us Singaporeans are sorely lacking in, it’s a good night’s sleep — it’s been reported that we are some of the most sleep-deprived people worldwide, and not getting those eight hours in can lead to sluggishness in the day, too. As the winner of best Routine Reset in the ELLE Singapore Beauty Awards 2023, another two of our team members tried Miriqa’s new Bright Days and Deep Supplements for a month — and spoiler alert, it helps with hangovers too.

Photo: Courtesy of @miriqa.

Bright Days / Kevin Tew, Fashion Stylist

A little background about my living habits — I love a good night out with my friends, and that usually means stumbling into work the next morning, cup of iced Americano in hand. And even on the regular, I can’t stay awake during the day and can only go for a good four hours before feeling tired.

I decided to try the Bright Days version, which is said to boost alertness and vitality with an all-natural blend of pomegranate extract, ashwagandha, ginkgo, and ginseng, for better cognitive performance and memory. It wasn’t hard to add it to my routine as I take it with my morning coffee before I leave the house, and it kicks in during my 45 minute commute to the office — this means that I can start work immediately when I reach the office, instead of feeling sluggish for the next half an hour or so.

I can work steadily throughout the day without dips in energy, and the best part is that it works especially well the day after nights out. It doesn’t immediately cure a hangover, but it does make me feel more awake and energised, no extra Americano needed.

Photo: Courtesy of @miriqa.

Deep Sleep / Harrison Bo Born, Videographer and Creative

I have trouble sleeping mainly due to revenge bedtime procrastination — I usually end up scrolling on social media past 1am, and by the time I actually want to sleep, my mind is so overstimulated that it takes a long time to fall into slumber. Sometimes, even though I set my phone aside earlier, it’s very difficult just to drift off.

I tried the Deep Sleep supplements so that I can fall asleep faster — and hence have more energy to complete my work in the day. The capsules are packed with with a proprietary blend of nutraceuticals, which include chamomile, lingzhi, jujube seeds, and turmeric, known to calm a racing mind and help settle down, as well as improve the quality of sleep to wake up feeling like you’ve actually rested, sans the use of melatonin.

I’d say it’s quite effective. I take it an hour before I sleep, and by the third day, I found myself drifting off more easily, to the point where I wouldn’t have to get frustrated about not being able to fall asleep. And waking up in the morning got a lot easier, too. I wouldn’t have to snooze multiple times and could get out of bed on the second ring.

If you’re struggling to fall asleep or stay awake during the day, we think it’s worth a try! You can find out more or purchase the Deep Sleep and Bright Days Bundle here.

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