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Sleep better with MIRIQA® Deep Sleep

MIRIQA® Deep Sleep supplement is a natural, thoughtfully crafted product designed to enhance your sleep quality using a blend of potent ingredients. These ingredients work together to create a synergistic effect that promotes relaxation and restful sleep:

  • Turmeric: Known for its calming properties, turmeric helps manage sleep by reducing inflammation and promoting relaxation.
  • Jujube seed: As a super-antioxidant, jujube seed contributes to improved sleep quality by combating oxidative stress and supporting overall well-being.
  • Chamomile: Rich in the antioxidant apigenin, chamomile produces a calming effect that encourages sleepiness and helps you drift off more easily.
  • Ling Zhi: This adaptogenic herb helps the mind relax and unwind, improving sleep quality by promoting a peaceful state of mind.
  • GABA: As a neurotransmitter, GABA enables both the body and mind to relax, allowing for sounder sleep with fewer interruptions throughout the night.

To learn more about each ingredient, check out the MIRIQA® Deep Sleep page here.

miriqa deep sleep ingredients

By following the tips above and incorporating MIRIQA® Deep Sleep supplement into your routine, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing deeper, more restorative sleep. As you develop consistent sleep patterns, engage in regular physical activity, and create a soothing pre-sleep routine, you’ll find that your sleep quality improves, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Hear the reviews of MIRIQA® Deep Sleep

“I track my sleep regularly and was really pleased to find out that the length of time I spend in Deep Sleep and REM are a lot higher now (even with the same length of hours sleeping) since I started on MIRIQA® Deep Sleep. I can feel that I am a lot more rested when I wake up in the morning.”


Timothy, 43

“I have been having postmenopausal sleep issues for many years, and I have always been reluctant to take sleeping pills for long periods of time due to its side effects. I am very glad to have found MIRIQA® Deep Sleep as it is an all natural product which has given me much better sleep, something that is so precious and only those with sleep issues can truly appreciate!”


Lily, 60s

Learn more about sleep with Dr. Bernard Tan


sleeping girl

Unlocking better sleep quality requires understanding the root causes of insomnia and taking action. By addressing these issues and incorporating MIRIQA® Deep Sleep into your routine, you can achieve the restorative rest you deserve. Don’t forget to also check out MIRIQA® Bright Days, a perfect complement to Deep Sleep for daytime energy and focus.

Miriqa deep sleep bright days

At MIRIQA®, we’re dedicated to celebrating daily miracles and helping you live your best life. Our mission is to provide natural, effective solutions for your well-being, and our passion shines through in our carefully crafted products. Experience the difference with MIRIQA® Deep Sleep and Bright Days today.

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Struggling with sleep quality? Try MIRIQA® Deep Sleep. Our unique blend of natural ingredients is formulated to help you relax and delve into deeper stages of sleep. Wake up genuinely refreshed with MIRIQA® Deep Sleep.

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