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Sleep Better At Night And Stay Productive In The Day With Miriqa’s New Deep Sleep And Bright Days

It’s no secret that Singaporeans don’t get enough sleep. Whether its revenge bedtime procrastination, stress, or unhealthy sleeping habits, a lack of rest usually spills over to the next day, resulting in grogginess and fatigue at work.

As the winner of the Best Routine Reset in the ELLE Singapore Beauty Awards 2023, Miriqa’s new Bright Days and Deep Sleep supplements are designed to help night owls or frequent travellers recalibrate their circadian rhythms.

Miriqa® Deep Sleep, Miriqa® Bright Days Nutrition Supplement, $156 for the bundle. Photograph by Harrison Bo Born. Styling by Koh Sok Hui.

The Deep Sleep supplements are laced with a proprietary blend of nutraceuticals — think chamomile, lingzhi, jujube seeds, and turmeric, known to calm a racing mind and help you settle into slumber, as well as improve the quality of sleep to wake up feeling like you’ve actually rested, sans the use of melatonin. The Bright Days version boosts cognitive alertness and vitality with a powerful blend of pomegranate extract, ashwagandha, gingko, and ginseng, for better cognitive performance and memory. The boxes each contain 60 pills, enough for a month.

This story first appeared in the April 2023 issue of ELLE Singapore.

Miriqa® Deep Sleep, Miriqa® Bright Days Nutrition Supplement, $156 for the bundle

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