Miriqa® Skin 12 - Months Subscription

Time and tide wait for no (wo)man.

We can’t reverse time, but we can make our skin better, brighter, and fairer by taking care of it consistently, and protecting it against daily environmental damage. And we are completely committed on this journey with you. 

We’ve taken the need to remember ordering your monthly dose of Miriqa® out of your never-ending-to-do-list; and taken it upon ourselves to make sure you get your regular supply; with increased savings and free shipping.

10% savings every month


TWO FREE boxes of Miriqa® Hair on your first delivery.

Total savings of $415.60

How It Works

Delivered Every 3 Months For 12 Months. Right To Your Doorstep:

  • 3 Boxes of Miriqa® Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement (3-Months supply)

One-Time Free Gift

  • TWO Boxes of Miriqa® Hair (Worth $250!)

Subscription Promo:

  • 10% off Monthly Miriqa® Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement


  • SGD $1,490.40 one-time payment for 12 months
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